You have control of your behavior Just as others have control of their own behavior Don’t accept the behavior of another Don’t let the behavior of others dictate your own behavior Don’t tune into another’s behavior, and let them change your inner equilibrium You have control of your behavior.


Without you there can be no happiness. In the very moment you rely on another for your happiness; you have decided to give up on yourself. ~Dragos Bernat


By: Dragos Bernat What is life? Life is.  And that’s all we will ever know. Anything that we add to life, makes life into something more. Life is. Don’t listen to anyone when they tell you what life is. Because it can’t be anything, but what you make it.


The mind is like a room filled with papers: that contain all our thoughts, concepts, beliefs, problems and perceptions. After sometime, we become overwhelmed by too many papers. Be kind to yourself, and open a window. Let the papers fly away.


Beliefs carve our personality and shape who we become. You are imprisoned in a cage of mental beliefs. Beliefs will continue to fill the cage until it will take over who you are; unless you realize that you have been holding the key all along. ~Dragos Bernat


Words are restrictive in their nature. They can only define what has been defined. What has been defined is subjective to a person’s perspective and upbringing. Words are a mixture of confusion. Be careful of what you say. Be careful of what you hear. Be careful of what you accept as truth. ~ Dragos Bernat


We hold no control over anyone’s behavior, actions, words or thoughts. We hold no control to their perceptions, beliefs or assumptions. Even though we try; we cannot control another human being. What we can control is how we choose to react. ~Dragos Bernat Why hold on if you can let go?